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Alec and Isabelle Do It Better

we don't really care that they're siblings

Lightcest: Alec and Isabelle
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Because the Lightwoods Do It Better

Hello! :) Welcome to Lightcest, a community created for the pairing of Alec and Isabelle Lightwood. You can post fanart, fanfics, fanmixes, little bits of AxI moments from the cannon, your thoughts on the pairing- anything and everything to do with the wonderful pairing know as Lightcest. A few rules-

1) all fanfics must be under an LJ-cut.
2) Give all posts (except for discussion posts) an appropriate header- Title (Rating)
3) Please rate correctly. I cannot stress this enough. Ratings run on a scale of G/PG/PG-13/R/NC17. Use your best judgement in deciding where your post lands.
4) As for tags, the policy has changed somewhat. Tag your posts only with existing tags. If you post a fanfic for the first time, a tag will be made for you and a mod (God, I say that like we have more then one mod. xD) will tag your post with it.

I know that this is a slightly squiky pairing and that some people don't like it, so no bashing/flame ect. ect. No one in this community condones real-life incest. Alec, Isabelle and any other character or places mentioned in this community from The Mortal Instruments belong to Cassandra Clare. No copyright infrigement intended.

Happy posting. :)

AFFILATES: pandemoniumclub: shipcest: jace_isabelle: justamundane: simon_isabelle: themortalvideos: tmi_rarepairing, tmiawards

If you want to affiliate with us, comment here- (http://community.livejournal.com/lightcest/547.html)

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we don't really care that they're siblings

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